WDG Plant Extruders

Use our WDG Plant Extruders for producing WDG, which means water dispersible granules. As the very name implies, these granules disperse when added in water. The granules in uniform shape and size are produced by this extruder.

Industrial Mixers

If you are searching for an industrial mixer for uniform mixing of ingredients and raw materials, then you are at the right place. From ribbon mixer to dough mixer, you can find a wide range to choose the right mixer for the industrial process.

Industrial Dryers

Explore the range of industrial dryers we have in our offering. The dryers in the industries are needed for removing moisture from the industrial materials. The industries where these dryers are demanded are pharmaceutical, food processing and more.

Ribbon Blender

The stainless steel built ribbon blender is used for blending components in the form of powder and granules. The blending machine can be fully loaded with the material and the material can be mixed

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